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Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

We will clarify below based on the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions".

  • Distributor website "Studio Rainbow Score" Akari Kaida

  • Sales manager Akari Kaida 

  • location


  • Inquiries Top page Inquiry form:

  • Site name
    Studio Rainbow Score  Akari Kaida Official Site

  • Selling price Displayed on each product screen ・ There are no plans to sell or handle the monthly service / flat-rate purchase service.
    ・ Money generated to customers other than the selling price

  • Payment time and method of consideration The amount specified by the Company shall be paid by the following payment method.
    The payment time depends on the payment method specified by each business operator that provides the following payment methods.
    ・ Credit card (VISA / Mastercard / AMEX)
    ・ Paypal

  • Product delivery time After the transaction is completed, it will be available for download.

  • Returns / Cancellations Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or cancellations due to customer's convenience.

  • Operating environment / compatible terminals
    Make sure that your PC and smartphone are updated to the latest OS as much as possible.  Deletion of files after payment If lost, we recommend purchasing again.

  • Other files for sale may be provided as a free transfer as part of the sales advertisement.
    Please manage the downloaded and purchased music files individually.
    Some files can be distributed individually for free, but we do not allow resale or profitable sales of products.

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